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Fitness Muay Thai Kickboxing is a great sport for full body, outrageous fitness, we call it “Fitness with a Purpose”! You are not only learning how to fight, you are getting fit. The dynamic way that Mauy Thai practitioners train, fitness happens while you are having fun.

  • Confidence training in Muay Thai is a great natural confidence builder. As a  Muay Thai practitioner trains, learns how to hit, learn how to create power in those hits, then learns to put these in great combinations,  confidence becomes a byproduct. 

  • Fun & Escape training in Muay Thai is so much fun, it is also a great way to escape the outside world and problems and just have fun!

  • Stress Relief  the system that Muay Thai incorporated its training leads to a natural stress relief, hitting bags and pads just does something to relieve stress, which is great for the soul!  

  • Fighting  none of our students ever have to fight in competition, that’s not what our training center is all about! On the other hand many of us choose and love to compete and fight, and with our Muay Thai Instructor decorated with 10 College Gold Medals, a Nation Gold Medal, and Tournament Championships, plus 80 plus fights under his belt. No one in the area is more equipped to prepare you to fight if that is your desire. 

  • Tailored to each student our Muay Thai instructor is a master at tailoring each training session to each person. This is not a class were everyone is doing the same thing. Each student works on a goal to refine one part of their art! This is a great way to personally improve in every class.

Class Times:  NOON Classes Tuesday & Thursdays  12:00 noon.
Evening Classes Monday & Wednesday 6:00 pm, & 7pm to 9pm is open mat. Tuesday & Thursdays  8 :00 pm Open Mat Saturday  8:00am  to 10am.

So how do you get started?  Good Question!

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SHAYNE SIMPSON'S Karate, MMA, BJJ & Kickboxing Center 1600 Kentucky St B4, Bellingham, Washington 98229 / 360-734-5118
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