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Kenpo (Modern Self -Defense) if you are going to study one Martial Art System, then Kenpo should be that system! Kenpo is the Universal Martial Arts System; it is a Modern Self Defense System.    

Shayne Simpson’s ‘Team Rock Solid Kenpo’ is privileged to have Shayne Simpson’s Martial Arts and Fitness’s owner Shayne Simpson who has over 25 years experience in Kenpo, be the Head Instructor  and Instructor Trainer for our Rock Solid Kenpo Program! Rock Solid Kenpo follows a great Lineage of great Kenpoist, from Shayne Simpson’s being a student of World Renowned Professor Skip Hancock, who was a personal student of the Late Great Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker.

Benefits of Training in Kenpo

  • Self Defense which will enable you to learn Real Self Defense that will work on the Street! Rock Solid Kenpo will teach you the proper Strategies, Tactics, Concepts and Principles that are need for Real Self Defense.  Kenpo allows a student to learn how not to be a victim, but to be a Survivor, Guardian and Warrior!
  • Well Rounded which will give the skills to Strike, Joint Lock, or Choke while standing or on the ground (or in  between), whatever position or place you find yourself in, Kenpo is that tool that will help you be the Survivor, the Guardian and Warrior you will need to be if you find yourself in a self defense situation!
  • Weapons which will give you the opportunity to learn and work with Modern Weapons, We teach you to use and also to defend against these modern weapons, Guns ( we have safe realistic laser training guns), Knife, Clubs (sticks and more), Staff ( long items such as a broom)
  • Freestyle (Fighting) which will allow a person to learn the skills to take care of themselves if a situation moves from a Self Defense situation to a fight, OR for a student who wants to compete in (Fighting with Rules) Mixed Martial Art type of events or a more controlled competition such as Sport Martial Art  Sparring(controlled fighting with padded gear)
  • Competition Training which allows a student the opportunity to compete in tournament competition in events such as Sparring, Forms/Kata, Self Defense, Weapons, and Freestyle (Sparring). We believe that competition breeds a better product.   That being said, we push no one to compete, we make it available for each student to choose for themselves.
  • Tailored to each student which allows a student to learn quicker and easier and are able to defend themselves more successfully. We learn what Eye dominance a student has, what Arm dominance, what Leg dominance, plus gender, size, and abilities, along with brain dominance and tailor a student  art of Kenpo to them. 
  • Modern yet, Traditional which allows student to be on the cutting edge of knowledge and science of self defense, yet enjoy and experience the rock solid protocols, respect and tools that Karate, Kung fu, Jiu Jitsu, Judo  and other Martial Arts have become so famous for!
  • Fitness - Kenpo is a great way for a student to get into shape while learning a great and usefully skill, we call this ‘Fitness with a Purpose’, Kenpo students, lose weight if need, tone up, get flexible, gain endurance, and just get in all around good shape!

Class Times:  NOON Classes Tuesday & Thursdays  12:00 noon.
Evening Classes Monday & Wednesday 6:00 pm  and/or Tuesday & Thursdays  7:00 pm Open Mat Friday 6:00pm 

So how do you get started? Good Question!

Just call us for more info and to learn about our current specials!

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